GRYFFINDOR´S British Shorthair

When I was a girl of five years I allready knew that I will get a veterinarian (James Herriot, the TV-Vet in the British Highlands of Yorkshire was my favorite hero and is it still today!).

Later when I was grown up to the age of 10 my favorite animals of sure where cats (and they are today, too). Like many little girls I have some be loved barn cats, which had all possibility to go out as they liked...and disappeared. My first race kitten was a creme female persian which died at the age of eleven years, followed by another smoke persian which get at the age of 14 kidney disease. When I was a studen,t the idea of a British Shorthair Cat becomes to grow in my mind (I had to save the money about one year). A big blue male cat it had to be - and it was blue for sure but a female (I had to find out about four weeks....). Later in live the cats of my dreams becomes Silvertabbies (especially blotched) and yes the commercial campagne of Whiskas has settled them in my brain!

With Gryffindors (sure - the name is because of Harry Potter; that´s the house in Hogwarts where the best magicians come from-the strong, the good and the noble) I connect my job as a small animal veterinarian wiht my hobby. The idea of BKH from Gryffindors is good British Shorthair Type, an adequate height, a good character and health of course.

I specialiced in black-silver Tabby (mostly blotched, sometimes spotted) sometimes golden, too. There are plans for Shadeds in golden (perhaps blue-golden?) because Benissa`s G-litter was very cute.....

My cats are all parts of family (incl. the my stud Joffi and that`s sometimes not easy...) they can range in the flat as they want (and yes, some of them sleep in the bed) and have a small outdoor kennel where they can hunt insects and do their other hobbies. When they have honeymoon they have a separate "Catroom" for their privacy.

The idea of Gryffindors includes beside familiar kitten raising health care programm. All cats are tested for bloodgroups and virusinfectious diseases. The get routine deworming and treatmanet against ectoparasitism (that`s one of the advantage of being a vet!). GIC Joffi of Wahrberg as our stud is tested for the heart disease HCM and cats (as Benissa) which have Exotic Shorthair in their pedigree are tested for PKD, too. All cats are vaccinated against CVR + T and leukosisand have transponder for identification.

Kittens leave their home with 13 weeks when they have two times vaccinated against Catflu, Panleukopenia , Rabies and Leukosis. They get a deworming protocoll of five treatments and the new owners gets pedigree, copies of the health certifications of parents and a Babypackage with their customary food.



picture of the week: Gryffindors Silver Iceman

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